The Man/Friend Code



It’s a complete mind-fuck when your man treats you differently around his friends. It’s hard for us girls who expect (rightfully so) a sense of loyalty and pride from their man. Especially when he is in front of his crew.

So what happens when he repeatedly argues with you in front of his friends and/or speaks to you in a disrespectful tone in front of his friends? 

Before you write the guy off completely, you may want to play devil’s advocate and consider this: he probably has no idea how a man is supposed to act and is playing into the pressure of his peers in how he “thinks” a man is supposed to act. (Which is a disrespectful dumb ass.)


Men can say they don’t care about what their friends (or ANYONE) thinks about them, but the reality is that isn’t true. They do care. They care so much that you may start to think they too have ovaries. Yet, that being said, they do not want to come across as anything other than “Mr. Manly Man of All Things MANLY”. So whilst he may be “Yes, Dear”ing you behind close doors, he may be doing the opposite in front of his friends.

And yes, it is ridiculous and also a sign of their immaturity. Treating women with respect and showing how proud they are to be your man doesn’t make him less manly…it actually is seen as them being THE MAN.

It shows a lot in the core of their character by how he talks/treats you in front of his friends. If he is saying/doing anything other than treating you respectfully (and lovingly) in front of his crew, then you’re not with a man, you are with a boy. 

A real man would never be insulting towards you or have you feeling less than adequate just so he can keep up appearances with his friends. If you have talked to him about this and he refuses to change, then it’s time for you to move on. A real man is good to you ALL OF THE TIME, especially in front of his friends. People lead by example so if your man is disrespecting you in public, you can guarantee his friends will do the same.



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