Pardon Me




I just got done filming a commercial/video that will most likely run only in other towns, the tourist channel and in the hotel it was filmed. It wasn’t a paid gig but I got free lunch out of it so HEY, win/win.

Also? There was no audio which made for some fun discussions.

Under the pretense of my checking into the hotel, I was told to ask the standard questions but to be really animated and over the top. It would feel weird, but it would view well on camera. So there I am walking up to the hotel manager to “check in”.

Dialogue went something like this:

“Hi, I’m here to check in.”


“Sansa Stark”

“Ahh. Ms. Stark. So lovely to meet you. Your room is ready. You have a terrific view. Do you have any special requests?”

[Huge smile by me with elaborate hand gestures]

“Yes, I do have some requests. I would like four male strippers, preferably not gay, but one could be gay just for the hell of it, they must be totally buffed and gorgeous, I’d also like them to be a little near sighted because I find I’m much more attractive to those who can’t see very well. Also I’d like some cocaine that I will snort off one…okay…who am I kidding? I’ll snort the cocaine off all four of the male strippers’ bodies. And if it isn’t too much trouble could you bring me up a bottle of your finest tequila?”

Guy is now baffled, trying not to laugh but the director is telling us to keep going that this? THIS IS GREAT! More smiles! Ask more questions! Give her what she wants!

“Okay, Ms. Stark. You got it. Strippers. Cocaine. Tequila. Anything else? We really want our customers happy. ”

“Do you think you could bring me up some chewing gum? Drinking and snorting cocaine really gives me dry mouth.”

We shot other scenes such as a business meeting in which the four of us only talked about Game of Thrones. Then there is the scene in which I’m walking in and out of the building with this man who wanted to keep talking about Game of Thrones. A final scene is me sitting on the couch talking to a woman in which we ELABORATELY discussed with our hands and BIG smiles about how great Game of Thrones would be if more of the actors favored four buffed male strippers who kept their shirts off even with Winter coming.

One of the individuals in the filming crew said I was a surprise. He thought I wasn’t going to have much of a personality, that I looked really shy and reserved. I am pretty reserved, but the last few days have been pretty tough emotionally. Not sure what made me step out of my comfort zone and just laugh and be silly with a bunch of strangers, but it was a wonderful reprieve from life.

And for the first time in a very long time, I felt like me again.




  1. Yay! for feeling like you, again!
    And, I need to tell you how outright hilarious you are! Thanks for making me laugh aloud. I am certain my cat must wonder what I just read!!
    I eagerly await the next Knotty Girl moment!


  2. That is hilarious! I’ve always wondered if people are actually talking when I see commercials like this. Now, I’m going to think they are talking about blow and strippers and crack up! I’m glad you got to feel like you again.


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