Meet Your New Daddy



If you know me, you know I have had a long love affair with Netflix. On a lunch date about five years ago, this guy asked me if I had watched the series on Netflix.

“You should watch House of Cards. You’ll love it.”

It was Netflix’s new series and if I remember correctly, it was their first. I didn’t get the concept of binge watching and didn’t realize when I was done with episode 13 of the first season, I would have to wait an entire year for  the new season.

Talk about your build up and then let down.

I was immediately hooked on this show. There is something sinister and appealing about Kevin Spacey, in general, and this character he portrays, ‘Francis Underwood’ well, I love to hate him.

The Boyfriend and I finished the last episode of the fifth season last night and I can’t get the season out of my head. The story line, outlandish and crazy…so much to absorb and discuss. However, what I especially enjoyed were Underwood’s cheesy bon mot to the camera.

  • One Nation, Underwood
  • The proverbial walk in the woods is not for me


And of course, my all time favorite: Meet Your New Daddy.



What were your favorite things about House of Cards this season? Twists that you considered outlandish? Anyone notice clues in some of the episodes that told us what to expect next year?

Sound off below.