Doesn’t Say ‘Goodnight’ Ever



Well, I have achieved all the levels of SUCK when it came to blog posting in May and the start of this month. In my defense, (as if you’ve asked) I started a brand new job, scored a couple of new writing projects and I’m constantly dealing with the chaos of a personal life. A personal life in which borders on having similarities to a plot line for a 1990’s movie on Lifetime for Women Channel.


But I’m back now, baby….

With all that said, I am excited to share that this blog will be featuring a fantastic array of subject material which will include a “What I Wore Wednesday”, (NOT me, mind you, but people that dress way cooler than me and inspire me to actually comb my hair once in a while) “I Tried it so You Don’t Have To” Review segment and a guest post at least once a month. As always, I’ll still continue to write about relationships and my quirky thoughts that I find amusing…even if the only thing I achieve is a master eye roll and a snort from my readers.

I aim low and according to some people in my life, I hit even lower.


giphy (1)



But I digress.


Life right now is on the upswing. I’m really loving my new job. Timing is everything. There were a couple of months in which I was feeling pretty hopeless. I wondered if I would ever work in my field again…it is no exaggeration that my confidence took a huge punch in the gut. In the last couple of years, I’ve lost a huge part of me. I want to find that fun and optimistic chick and bring her back home. I’ve missed her. 


So sit back, relax and get ready. Let’s see how much damage I can do to this here Internet before I’m canceled.







  1. Ay guera,I love you yr wittiness*.I think yr gourgous and I’m so jealous that you are always able to look thin and fit with all those babies you had obviously your dad’s Puerto Rican appetite didn’t follow you 😉. We should really talk I have so much negativity in my life going on that I would love to share with you😂

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    1. I am struggling with my weight right now…call me. Let’s talk. I’m always here for you.


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