Just Some Love

Yes, I know…I have fell short on posting this month. I could bore you with excuses…other writing projects took over, writer’s block, a sudden bout with a deadly disease that I’m now cured from, because it wasn’t a deadly disease at all. A misdiagnosis of laziness mixed with some dramatics and now the entire saga is being made into a movie on Lifetime for Women starring Tori Spelling. 

Life has been crazy, but nothing truly spectacular…the month just got away from me. I will be starting a new job tomorrow that I’m absolutely STOKED about. This summer has already been overbooked with weddings, birthdays, out of town trips, kids, family, etc…and whenever I look at my calendar, I get that brief sense of anxiety and have to do a lot of deep breaths. However, despite the crazy, there are some truly fantastic things taking place in my life and that’s what I’m concentrating on.

Recently, a little piece I wrote was published on Thought Catalog. Here’s the link:

This is How Love Gets Easier and Harder As You Get Older


I would love it if you, my dear readers, go and leave a comment or two on the link above. Love to hear your feedback and I can’t wait for you to read more of my projects which will be published soon.


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