To the Moms of Teenagers

Woman Anger
You’ve set out to be all peace and love and some other kind of bullshit you read about. You’re getting up earlier and doing a little yoga to stretch your sore and tense muscles. You have cut out processed foods and junk. You’re mediating and reading a lot about spirituality and metaphysical subjects. You take time to be grateful for what you have and no longer dwell on what you don’t have.
You meditate A LOT.
You’re getting it. You’re seeing slight changes in your body…not a lot, but enough to keep you motivated. You are digging the energy that you now have. Your new workout routine with a friend and your morning rituals you do alone are giving you something to look forward to that belongs to YOU.
You’re transforming!
And then there you are…thinking how you’re going to be the best mother ever with all these different thoughts and behaviors. The teenagers will thrive on your ability to be all about peace, love and some other bullshit you read about.
Until they wake up and piss you off. And then you wonder if you begin drinking alcohol so early in the morning is the key to enlightenment or a sign of alcoholism.
Teenagers: Preventing you from being the mother you imagined yourself being since FOREVER.