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If you’re one of the three guys that read this site, you may want to prepare yourself before you keep reading. However, as boring as this may be to you…if you heed my warnings, er I mean, advice…you will earn major points from your lady.


Today’s topic?


<insert screaming here>


PMS takes a woman on a roller coaster ride of emotions. She could be laughing one minute and then crying the next. The ride is wild and uncontrollable…anxiety attacks, angry outbursts, and then back to normal all within a 24 hour day.

For me, PMS is about a week/ week in a half before the onset of my period. Some women may feel the burden of PMS two weeks before her period. I usually have one or two days that beat me up emotionally. Highly sensitive and unbelievably sad. Then there are days, like today, in which I am lethargic and feel like crap.

I’m also a complete joy to be around.


Common PMS Symptoms: (For you guys to take note so you’re not constantly thinking your woman is crazy.)

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Crying
  • Highly Sensitive
  • Anxiety
  • Alternating between sadness and rage


Whilst stress does not cause PMS, it doesn’t help it either. If anything, it can cause the symptoms to be more intense. Dealing with my own stresses in life, I’m feeling the intensity of symptoms much worse than usual, most likely due to already worrying about things to begin with.




So guys that are reading this….here’s the DO’s and DON’T’s to handling your woman during the OH.So.Fun. time of PMS:

DON’T tell her she’s being irrational. Even if she is.

DO listen to her and say you understand. Even if you don’t.

DON’T be patronizing. Women who are PMSing are highly intuitive at this time. They know when you’re being patrionizing…so do yourself a favor and just don’t.

DO show her kindness. Surprise her with something nice. She’s highly emotional right now, so if you ever wondered when a good time would be to surprise her with flowers, a cute little gift OR doing something equally surprising…this is the time, fellas.

DON’T tell her that her feelings are invalid or stupid. She’s feeling all the feelings in the world and all at the same time. Believe me, she knows she’s hormonal…but it doesn’t change how she’s feeling. She’s feeling bad at that moment and what she needs from you is to be understanding…not be an ass.

DO know her cycle. Know beforehand when she will be PMSing. You will be able to prepare yourself mentally beforehand.

DON’T remind her that she’s PMSing OR ask her if she’s PMSing. (Unless you just want to be murdered, then my all means, go right ahead)

DO pamper her a little. You’re most likely pampered by her all the time…be a hero and give her a day of pampering. Plan a date night where you make dinner at home. Give her a neck or even a foot massage while she watches her favorite show. You know what she’ll love…do it.

DON’T question her if she says she’s suffering from PMS, ESPECIALLY when she’s not even using it as an excuse. She knows her cycle. You obviously don’t. (Again, do yourself a favor and learn it.)

DO take note of her needs in the bedroom. Sometimes a woman has a higher libido during this time and sometimes? She’d rather eat nails than have you touch her. Talking to her about this shows your willingness to be responsive to her needs.


I’ve included extra reading material below.

Do your woman a favor and read it. She’ll love you even more for it.


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