Love Stuff


I just “butterflies fluttering  in the stomach, chick flick on a Friday night” love him.



And Sometimes? I just want to be as far away from him as humanely possible.



He drives me absolutely insane with his stubborn nature and arrogance.


Then again? He gives me those awesome chills when he walks in the door and my heart melts.



He can make me laugh hysterically until I feel like my ribs will crack.



He also makes me cry until it feels as if all my tears are gone.



Relationships are straight up hard, yo. 



Sharing your life with someone and expecting them to conform to your way of thinking and living seems like the start of a horror movie. Barbaric, even. It isn’t that you even want them to conform to your ways…you just want them to accept yours without feeling as if you’re doing it all wrong.



I have and will never claim to be an easy person to live with. I’m certainly hard to love at times. And like The Boyfriend, I believed my way was not only the right way…but the ONLY way. Then the Universe was all, “Aww…hell no, girl” and graciously brought The Boyfriend swaggering into my life with his hysterical sense of humor and his Flynn Ryder smolder.





This bachelor with no kids and (according to him) no anger issues until me <insert eye roll here> found himself with me: A passionate and emotional train-wreck who has committed her life to putting the FUN back into dysfunctional…one crazy episode at a time.




Yet, here is the bottom line:  even with all the exes/kids/stupid friends drama, melt-downs, passive aggressiveness,  silent treatments, texts that turn into novellas, dirty looks, electronics being unplugged, tremendous amounts of dog hair everywhere, disappointments, missing iPhone chargers, illnesses, deaths, crying, yelling, couch sleeping and finger-pointing…


I Old Hollywood LOVE the guy with all my heart.



I lived the majority of my life thinking the grass was always greener on the other side…and in this relationship…even on our cloudiest of days, I’m digging the view.



“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.” -T. Tolis