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I woke up from a deep sleep with an ENTIRE post in my mind. It went something like this:

“I feel all the feelings and drink all the beers.”

Since it was so great and so hilarious, I didn’t bother to write the idea down…because there was no chance I’d forget. We’re talking 4 star comedy at its finest.

Long story short, I have forgotten it. All but those two sentences, which I couldn’t waste so I’m including it here. In this post. The post which will be about nothing and most likely not as funny.

This has been a rough week and not in the sense anything tragic has happened. Actually there isn’t a lot of happenings going on. And since there hasn’t been a lot of happenings, I  am at a loss to really give this post the majestic quality of having had happenings in said life. I guess what I’m trying to say is that right now? Life is one shit load of nothing happening and it is driving me insane. Not that I want something tragic to happen…I had my fill of tragedies last year…no, I just want something to actually happen. Something wonderful. Something cool. Something like my remembering the hilarious blog post and why I would want to feel all the feelings and drink all the beers.


Update: I just found a chocolate chip in my bra. It’s a good day.


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