Love and Stuff: Valentine’s Edition




I had just left the grocery store when I received this text from The Boyfriend:

“Wanna go to dinner tonight for Valentine’s?”

Bless his heart. I know this man well enough to know the last thing he wants to do is to go out to dinner on a week night. I certainly do not want to go to out to dinner just because it’s Valentine’s Day. I had already planned on cooking his favorite meal…a meal in which I can’t stomach to eat myself…but it’s Valentine’s Day and he deserves it. And now because he sent me that text, I will be able to cook this meal for him without cursing how vile the meal is under my breath because I love him.*

 Ladies and Gentlemen, The Boyfriend and I are THIS CLOSE to being all sickly sweet and sharing our cheesy adoration towards each other on all social media outlets. Because if it isn’t shared on social media…is it really love? **

I got all the kids and The Boyfriend cute little Valentine goodies that no one will appreciate because TEENAGERS. The teenagers will roll their eyes and mumble, “Thanks Mom” and The Boyfriend will smile sheepishly and say, “Thanks Babe. ETA on dinner?” I realize Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday…I get it. However, when I think about Valentine’s Day, I think of being in elementary school and going home with tons of silly Valentines from my friends. I remember my 9th grade boyfriend surprising me with flowers and a teddy bear and feeling all cool walking the halls with a teddy bear that looked less sweet and cuddly, but more on the demonic side. (Apparently, he bought it at the 7-11 on the way to school because love knows no bounds.)

As much as I joke and may seem jaded, I’m very much a romantic. Romance isn’t the same for me as it was a decade or even a year ago. Romance is constantly evolving for whatever stage in life you’re in.That’s what is so cool about romance: it doesn’t have to be the same in every relationship. The couple gets to decide what is romantic for them.

And whilst I don’t believe you should only have romance one single day of the year…the fact that it is Valentine’s Day…Be daring. Think outside of the box and be a romantic god or goddess and more importantly: Have fun.

Last minute fun and cheap Valentine Ideas for Couples:

*PLANNED on cooking his favorite meal is the key word there. My intention upon walking into the store was to buy the stuff to cook said meal. Instead, I got steaks. BECAUSE Valentine’s Day. (Wouldn’t you rather have a steak than beef stroganoff? Yes, me too.

**Yes, it’s love. Please do not confuse my sarcasm with a passive aggressive hint. I prefer to be passive aggressive towards The Boyfriend when there are no witnesses.

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  1. I’ve been married for 23 years. My husband had to work last night so I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and had a glass of wine. I’ve had worse Valentine’s days. I’m not complaining. hahaha

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