Urban, yo


Here I am thinking I’ve hit the best play on words of all time and I get the Facebook message from a friend above. 

Mind you, I doubt very seriously any woman over the age of 35 who will read this site would ever think to do an urban definition search of the title of this blog. (BUT YOU NEVER KNOW)

The person who so kindly (and laughingly) sent me the message is of the twenty-something male breed which is (in my best Valley Girl voice)


I told My Writing Friend and The Boyfriend about this in an absolute panic. The Boyfriend said he thought the slang was “natty” and I’m all:





What do you and your friends google in your spare time? How do you even know this stuff?

And more importantly…WHY?

My Writing Friend… who has the patience of a saint said “Sounds like a great thing to write about. Embrace it.”

Well, here I am…embracing the holy KNOT out of the name, “Knotty Girl”.

If anyone else decides to send me the urban dictionary’s definition of KNOTTY…I already got the memo, I’m good. Thanks.

And if you came to this site expecting something else based on what you thought ‘Knotty Girl’ meant… you should be ashamed of yourself.

Go read a real dictionary.

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