I lost to a cupcake dress*

In the tenth and final book of his work, The Republic, Plato relates the Myth of Er. The story is about a Greek soldier named Er who is left dying on the battlefield. He awakes twelve days later on his funeral pyre, and would go on to tell a tale of what he observed whilst he was suspended between life and death. Er had found himself in a ‘by the way‘ station between Heaven and Earth… witnessing souls passing from one plane to the next. He saw souls waiting to be judged and assigned to their eternal reward or punishment, whilst other souls got ready for their adventure on Earth. Some of these souls were ‘old souls’ returning for another stint down on Earth, and others were young..awaiting to enter their first life on Earth.

At one point the waiting souls are presented with ‘life templates’ and different scenarios and are advised to choose these ‘samples of lives.’ Plato informs us that “there were many more lives than the souls present, and they were of all sorts. There were lives of every animal and of man in every condition.”

Before entering life on the Earth, the souls were led to the plain of Forgetfulness, a barren waste with no vegetation. The souls were required to drink from the river of Unmindfulness. At the point of drinking the water, they instantly forgot everything that had happened to them.

I wrote about life templates and this spiritual mind-set years ago and I recently stumbled across some of my notes and books I’ve read on the subject.**

If this is true, and we do have this life template to choose from, this means we also choose every single person…good or bad… into our lives.

If pre-mortal existence is true and we chose our life plan before entering the world, I have to ask myself, “Why did I choose certain key people in my life?”

Had I been drinking in this pre-mortal existence when I formed my own life template?


Back in 2007 when I was on a  spiritual journey, I found myself in a hypnotherapist’s office who specialized in Past Life Regression. Why I decided to visit her, baffles me to this day. It is as if I woke up that morning and decided to be put under hypnosis to see who I was in a past life…as you did before Netflix.   (Which come to think of it…that’s exactly what I did.)

The hypnotherapist had her office inside her home…(which of course, was legit and oh so safe). It was a huge house with a wrap around porch and when I rang the doorbell…a million chimes began to echo all through the house.

I had imagined the therapist to look old with more of a sinister darkness that wasn’t evil, but perhaps dabbled a bit. Instead, she was about my age with long strawberry blonde hair and a handful of light freckles on her nose and cheeks. She was attractive with a calm demeanor and an infectious smile.

She explains the process, but I rush her along, eager to get started. I want to know who I was and I could barely hold it together thinking of all the exciting possibilities of this past life or lives. What if I dated James Dean? Danced with Frank Sinatra?

Was a queen of something other than drama? (It’s possible.)

I get comfortable on the floor (yes, she had me lie on the floor…) and she dimmed the lights. Soft music played as if this was a date and she’s going to romance me to hypnosis. (Doesn’t all dates lead to one lying on the floor?) It’s all so relaxing and I feel myself falling into the music. The therapist begins to talk to me gently in a soothing voice. She tells me to feel my head and shoulders relax…I needed to let go of all the tension and names parts of my body in which I’m supposed to envision tension leaving.

It is all so…nice and calming. I’m relaxed, but I’m not “under.”

Maybe a bit turned on because soft music and dimmed lights? Gets me everytime.

But I digress.

She tells me to picture a door and by the time I open said door, I’m already bored and hungry.

I realize this hypnosis thing isn’t working and I so want it to work!  I’m trying as hard as I can to go ‘under’ but I’m pretty much alert and can’t believe I’m lying on a stranger’s floor trying to be hypnotized and she didn’t even buy me dinner first.

She asks me what I see. I want to say, “nothing” because one can’t see anything when their eyes are closed…but she’s so nice and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. So I lie and tell her I see Elvis. And Elvis? Well, he’s happy.

She tries to get me to tell her more but I got nothing. Elvis isn’t talking and because I’m starting to feel really stupid for even doing this…my mind is blank. I do start to daydream and I think is this it? Is this hypnosis?!  Then my daydream becomes a list of things I need from the store and I’m again, disappointed.

I have paid a woman $300 to lie on her floor and talk softly to me. Is this prostitution? It feels a bit like prostitution but without the whole sex thing. UNLESS, I was hypnotized and don’t remember the sex which has happened on dates before. (kidding.***) I thought I’d leave that session with a sense of enlightenment and purpose…but I leave embarrassed and disappointed.

I’m not sure what any of this has to do with anything…but I’ve been thinking a lot about life and what happens to us when we die. Maybe we do get more than one chance at this…I certainly don’t know for sure. What I do know is that if we are following our life template (purpose) and have reached genuine happiness, one life is all we’ll need.

*The title is misleading to this post, I know. You probably were thinking you were going to embark on a post about cupcakes and world peace… but ha. Nope.  I was watching an old episode of Toddlers and Tiaras when I was writing this post and a little girl told the world “I lost to a cupcake dress” and I’m all, “I feel you.” 

**Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss is one of my favorite books on this subject. Highly recommend.

*** Not kidding. Hopefully my mother didn’t read all the way down here and if she has…I’m kidding. 

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