I can’t get a simple app to work, therefore the world will end soon

I like to watch shows on my phone whilst on the treadmill despite the fact there are two televisions in the room where the workout equipment is. I do this because I like to imagine I’m actually in a gym looking all cute and stuff.

(I also like to imagine I’m a rich supermodel and this life I’m living right now is just a project so I can experience how the other half live.)

However, I’ve been having issues using the HBO Go app. I texted The Boyfriend about this issue because it seems the app is working FOR EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD but not me.

So he’s like,  “Are you using the right username and password?” and I’m all “I’M USING WHAT YOU GAVE ME!” To which he texted something along the lines about user error, needing medication and why must I get so worked up all the time about the smallest things?


I still can’t get the thing to work and I’m convinced it is because my boyfriend gets off on making me suffer and secretly doesn’t want me to be happy. It is the only thing that makes logical sense. I bet he talks to my mother to get ideas to continue this torture of making me miserable.

Update: I finally got it to work. I was typing in the wrong password.

Update to the Update: I was also using the wrong App. Showtime is NOT HBO Go.

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