Typical texting conversation between the boyfriend and I.

Texting is supposed to be easy. A time saver. It is to keep in touch with people without really keeping in touch…and I’ll admit, I’d much rather text than talk over the phone.

Texting isn’t a frivolous activity to shoot the breeze anymore. Everyone is texting everyone about anything and everything. I get texts from business colleagues. My friends. My kids. An old neighbor. Even my life insurance rep texts me. I find myself boggled with texts constantly and sometimes…I will accidentally send a text to the wrong person.

Unfortunately, this seems to happen more often than not where I am concerned. With the iPhone, if you’re not paying close attention because you’re enthralled in watching another episode of white women doing stuff the wrong person will receive your text and read it. Which in of itself,  is no big deal…until you send that one sexy text intended for your man and it goes to your mother instead.

I’ve flirted with the idea of ceasing texting from my life, but that isn’t realistic. It isn’t the act of texting that is the problem…it’s the people. There are certain people who shouldn’t be conversed with via texting. (My grandmother comes to mind. Mainly because she’s well, dead.)

Even sending a sweet text of adoration can be misread even when it was written with the best intentions. I once thought my boyfriend was being sarcastic and insensitive when he responded via text to a dilemma I was having with:  “Yah. Bummer” followed by a smiley face emoticon.


My boyfriend and I have gotten in some serious arguments discussions because of miscommunication caused by texting. We’ve said numerous times we shouldn’t text about concerns or anything heated because it NEVER ends well. We are both head-strong stubborn creatures (he more so than I because I’m cuter and have a southern accent) but we seem to never follow through. I am all about solving things ten minutes ago. So it’s no surprise that when there is an issue and texting is the only form of communication at that moment…I will send him a text expressing the sentiment of ‘fixing it’ in a glorious flow of expletives. (If he’d read my texts in a southern accent it wouldn’t be as harsh. I keep telling him this.)

It’s ironic how texting is supposed to be a time saver, when in my life? I spend more time explaining a text I sent and what I meant by it.

IE: “I’m sorry I texted and called you a jackass when you were acting like a jackass.” 

Texting should actually be easier to avoid an argument because unlike verbal words…we have an opportunity to read what we wrote before hitting send. I can’t count the number of times that had I taken a second to read what I wrote in frustration, a simple disagreement would have been resolved without erupting into World War III. 

How do you feel about texting in relationships? Do you think it hurts or helps when discussing issues?

Sound off in the comment section!

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  1. I hate texting in all forms. Especially when you mean to send a smiley face, and accidentally send a pile of poop- and now you are in an argument.

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  2. I agree. I hate texting! I just got I to a small conversation with Dan regarding him posting “love ya” on my page vs “it love you”. He said but youre missing the point and not appreciating it. I understand his point but why?!?! Lol

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